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So anyone that knows me knows that I am a big basketball fan. ESPECIALLY the NBA. College Basketball is cool, but I love the star power, the drama and the incredible skill of NBA players. Some may say NBA players don't play hard, but I disagree. It is a very long season, with longer games, and a long playoff, so they pace themselves.

This week we saw the NBA Trade Deadline come and go. This deadline is where teams have their last opportunity to swap out players who dont fit, or dont work for their longterm plans and goals for other players who have expiring salaries, or fit better with the synergy of the team. It got me to thinking- I am glad GOD does not have a Trade Deadline for us! We are able to trade our sorrows for joy, or weakness for strength, our mourning for dancing, our tears for smiles. We dont have a cut off time to trade GOD our shortcomings for His divine glory for our lives. Psalm 136 over and over declares that the Lords MERCY endureth FOREVER! So, don't allow yourself to struggle with the burdens of life forever. Make a trade with the Lord!

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