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I Survived The Pandemic!

The definition for the word survive is - to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. That is a SHOUTING MESSAGE all by itself. Not to be deep, but it was by the Grace of the Lord! How many people can literally say they've continued to live and exist even though a pandemic is all around us? Of course you've existed if you're reading this message. But, I mean how many of you have continued doing the things you love? A pandemic should not stop your passion! A great philosopher once said - "If when you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is singing, then you're a singer girl!"

As a creative, finding new ways to exist and thrive in a pandemic has been quite a challenge. Instead of hitting the road and touring, we were forced to minister virtually or in front of little to no fellow worshippers. That was a challenge as we believe in fellowshipping! However, I used that time to write more songs, and continue to develop my passion.

Aside from letting off creative steam, just coping with the vicissitudes and uncertanties of CoViD-19 has been a challenge as well. Wearing a mask, socially distancing and being overly careful has been tough. However, through it all, we have survived. Yes things have been a little different, but we survived. We are still in masks almost 18 months later, but we are surviving! It is easy to complain about so many inconveniences, but we ought to take JOY in the fact that we are surviving the pandemic.

I dare 15 of you to respond to this blog by saying I SURVIVED THE PANDEMIC!


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