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Columbus Ohio


4:00PM EST

1248 Mt. Vernon Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43203


About Pastor Terrence

Musical pastor leading the charge for spiritual revival

Pastor Terrence J. Dooley is the visionary, founder and pastor of Revival Power Church, a new congregation established in 2022 with a commitment to spreading the gospel message. Affiliated with Pilgrim Assemblies International, Revival Power Church strives to serve as a beacon of hope and spiritual revival within the Columbus community.

Prior to answering the call to shepherd his own flock, Pastor Terrence distinguished himself as a gifted Gospel musician and artist. With three albums to his credit, his music has resonated with listeners abroad, earning him multiple Billboard chart placements and accolades. Notably, he contributed his songwriting talents to the renowned gospel choir director Dr. Ricky Dillard and New G, a testament to his impactful musical genius to the genre.

Pastor Terrence's journey into preaching ministry began in 2011 within the United Holy Church, where he was licensed and subsequently ordained. Throughout his ministry, he has demonstrated a profound dedication to preaching the transformative Word of God and leading individuals to a deeper relationship with Christ.

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