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My Top 10 Things I want to do after COVID19

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

10. Checking on more friends and family. Technology has allowed majority of us to stay in touch via Facetime, Facebook Live, or Zoom. But there is nothing like knocking on your friends door and sitting a while, while drinking a cold beverage! (I think thats my country roots rising up in me)

9. Going Bowling. I believe the Bowling Alleys have re-opened. Buttt I'm not ready to go out and enjoy this pastime just yet. As soon as COVID lets up, LOOK OUT! I have a smooth 124 score waiting for the nearest bowling alley (I am NOT a very good bowler, but it's fun).

8. Mini-Golf. Am I childish for enjoying a good game of mini-golf? I am not yet good enough for the BIG BOY golf course. I think I would be good on the green, I'm a good putter...but driving? not yet lol

7. Bumper Cars. Yeah, I probably just need to grow up lol. I love a good Bumper Car! But you know what? Over the past year, I have been in 2 accidents and thats given me all the Bumper Cars I need... So maybe I will scratch this off my list.

6. Ohio State Fair. Since I was a little boy, my family has always gone to the Ohio State Fair at least once every summer. If you are from Columbus, Ohio, you are probably disappointed the fair will not be happening this year. I can taste a Krispy Creme Donut Burger right now... Oh, and a TURKEY LEG?! LAWD JESUS!!

5. Partake from Every Restaurant. I don't think this needs much of an explanation! I love to eat! The way to my heart is through my stomach! WHEW! I miss some of my favorite restaurants... I won't name them at this time because it will make me upset!

4. Travel. I actually planned to do a little traveling this year! I am a workaholic, and I don't take a lot of time off work for leisure, but this was the year I was going to begin taking care of myself. So as soon as RoRo clears up, I want to get in an airplane and just go somewhere. I hardly even care where... just somewhere!

3. Losing this Quarantine 15. I say Quarantine 15 lightly because it may be like Quarantine 25. I have been cooking a whole lot more, and thus-- eating more. I like cooking, when I get in my groove. I also like working out, but I have to get in a groove for that too. I have not been comfortable with hitting the newly re-opened gyms just yet. But when it does, I will be on the stair-master and all the other machinery designed to tone and sculpt our bodies LOL

2. Play Basketball. Probably my favorite pastime is playing basketball. Now I may not be at my high school playing weight, but I can still put the ball in the basket in a bevy of ways! Don't get it twisted! I do need to shed some Quarantine lbs, however. But, Im looking forward to getting back on the court with the fellas and getting after it!

1. Give GOD The Praise. The proper response for the Lord keeping you safe and alive following a pandemic is a praise! Oh, on the other side of this, a praise MUST and SHALL happen! In fact, we ought to praise Him right in the middle of it. As a matter of fact-- SCUZE ME!!

What are you planning to do post COVID19? Let me know!! I would love to hear from you!

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