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Three Things I'm Thankful For #TTIF

Three Things I’m Thankful For!

I am sort of borrowing this idea from a good friend of mine. I noticed on her Instagram Story, every now and then she would hashtag #TTIF and go on to mention three things that she is thankful for, no matter how big, or small. I thought it was so cool! So often we take things for granted because we just have always had them. So, I am going to take this time to give you Three Things I am Thankful For!

1) Apple Products. Anybody that knows me knows I am a techie! I love technology. I love gadgets and putting things together, taking them apart, all that. It brings me great joy to figure things out. I have had a smartphone since back in Sidekick and Blackberry days In fact; I had a Blackberry before they were popular. But I think the Granddaddy of them all is Apple. I absolutely love my iPhone, MacBook and iPad. I’m grateful to be able to integrate them into ministry by running tracks and stems from them. They have been great tools in my life! Sorry to all Android users—you will not inherit the Kingdom of God! HAHAHAH Just kidding, but we are praying for your strength.

2) Fresh Air. Have you ever had a rough day and said I just need some fresh air? It is amazing how GOD designed certain elements to be refreshing. I love getting out of the city and getting down to the country where there is less pollution and just breathing! This pandemic is especially increasing my appreciation for fresh air. Wearing a mask in 90-degree weather is not what’s up! I challenge you all to try it. After wearing a mask all day, just go out on your porch, or in your yard or even to a park and just breathe. Oxygen is for the earth! God put this here for me, and for you! Take advantage!

3) A refrigerator. There are debates to when the refrigerator was actually invented. But I am grateful that it was invented! It is so convenient to be able to keep our food fresh, cool and frozen as opposed to traversing to the supermarket every other day for food. I know this is random. But how difficult would your life be if you did not have a refrigerator? I am grateful for my “ice box” as my grandmother called it.

What Three Things are YOU Thankful For? They can be random! I would love to hear from you! Shoot me a message!

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