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My Top 10 Songs I've Written

I received a lot of great feedback on the last Top 10 List! So I decided to do another one. Someone who is a great support to us suggested this topic! I am going to try my best to complete this great task! My top 10 songs I’ve written.

10. Praise Him First. This song is meant to tell a story. I understand my situation may seem crazy, but before I even see victory I am going to praise God. Originally, this song had more of a 6/8 swing to it (like in the bridge) but producer Donnell Phillips said he heard more of a 4/4 march to it. I enjoy this song as it leads the way on the first album!

9. Holy And Righteous. I love the Lord. I really do. I remember my Grandfather would get happy anytime we sang a song at church dealing with The Lord being Holy. If you knew my Grandfather, you know seeing him get happy was a sight! This song is celebrating the holiness, righteousness, redeeming power, saving power, healing power and delivering power of The Lord. It is just bragging on who God is. Following these attributes, we praised Him with a Hallelujah, and declared we will forever sing His praise.

8. Provider. Growing up, my mother would always seal every prayer with “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” No matter what situation I find myself in, the Lord will provide according to His riches in glory. He is so faithful to us, and He is a provider and waymaker. There is NO NEED that the Lord will not meet. He is truly a provider.

7. You Won’t Fail (Marvelous Things). This song just brags on God once again. He literally is that good! He’s awesome, incredible and won’t fail. A lot of people wonder why this song has two titles. Working with producer Ed Draine, he would always send me a track back and title it Marvelous Things, since the drive we repeat that The Lord has done Marvelous Things. So I said – you know what I will just call it both lol. I also love this song because of the key changes in the vamp. Instead of just modulating, I love playing with relative majors and minors.

6. The Hand Song. This song was developed from a prayer. Whatever you do, don’t take your hand from me. Who in the world can narrate a song like Dr. Kevin Bond? NOBODY! “Without God’s Hand on my life, I could do NOTHING! I would be like a ship without a sail…” God’s hand on my life represents His favor, His blessing, His power over my life. Without it, I could do nothing. I don’t ever want to move outside of Gods hand (will). H

OPE!. I feel something here…

5. Turning Point. All of us have been through something. Just when you feel like giving up, here comes God taking what was meant to destroy you, and turning it for your good. That is what this song is talking about. No matter the problem, He’ll turn it for my good. He WILL do it. No doubt about it. Isaiah Templeton led this and just…Whew…

4. Awesome God. I grew up in the late 80s and 90s. I love hearing songs like “How Excellent”, “We Offer Praise” and “Hallelujah Salvation and Glory” (I butchered the titles, but you know what I meant!). Praise and Worship is wonderful. But there is something about hearing a choir sing a worship song. I wanted to bring back that traditional choir worship song. I miss hearing a full choir lead the congregation in worship with a song such as these. I wanted to leave my mark on those types of songs and that’s where this song was birthed. I love the split at the end where the tenors sing one thing, altos another, and sopranos offer their piece. We serve a truly Awesome God.

3. Step Aside. The refrain of this song says “God Can, God Will fight your battles just keep still. He’ll make a way, save the day if YOU step aside.” I really don’t have much else to say about that. If we learn to decrease so God may increase in our lives and situations, we will find ourselves in a place of better! LET GOD WORK!

2. Mystery. This is one of those songs where its like—what just happened? I love jazz, horns, New Orleans Music and lyrical content. Mash all that up and you get Mystery. It is mysterious to me how God can be so HUGE, yet care about little ol’ us. He created the world from nothing. He caused birds to sing and placed water in the oceans separating it from dry land. It is mysterious! We may never know HOW he did, but we are GRATEFUL HE DID IT!! I am most grateful for sending Jesus to a cross to die for our sins…(I feel my Baptist roots rising up) But He didn’t stay there because EARLY….(HIYAH!)

1. Trust In The Lord. Proverbs 3:5 declares: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. This is my favorite song I’ve written. I love writing from the scriptures, and I love songs everybody’s choir can sing. I have seen videos from churches all over the USA singing this song. Not only that, Barbados, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and London have all posted videos singing this song. It is so simple and a great reminder to us all. This song was birthed again from my grandfather and mother always saying – “Whatever you go through, you’ve got to trust in the Lord.”

Well, that was a TASK. I left out so many of my favorites just to make this list. I would love to hear from you guys! What songs did I leave off? What do you think about this list? What are YOUR top 10 Testimony songs?

Until next time! GOD BLESS!!!

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