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This page may be the most fun page of the website! I will be sharing things which inspire me, things that motivate me. Or maybe just things I enjoy. I happen to be a very multi-faceted person, I enjoy basketball, football, comedy, reading, music and all sorts of things. I am looking forward to sharing with you things I believe will help you stay inspired.

I guess I will go ahead and share the first thing! It is easy! My dad, Joe Dooley. I was blessed to be raised in a 2 parent home and had tremendous parents. My parents were selfless, hard-working, and supportive. From an early age, my dad taught me how to work hard. At the time of course I may not have appreciated it, but now as I am older with sons of my own, hard work is not something foreign to me. In my younger years, I can remember waking up at 5:30 AM to have family prayer. With crust in our eyes, we'd gather in a circle in my parents room and pray. Dad did the lions share of the praying, and Mom would always seal the prayer with "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." These traits, I will carry forever in keeping God first in everything I say, do, write, preach or sing. God MUST be first.

My mother became terminally ill around 2003 and eventually passed away in 2010-- which is when my music career began to really materialize. She was unable to see my first album be released to the world, although I did let her hear some songs before she passed away. So, my father was IT! MAN! I can let him hear me singing a re-arranged version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and he would be like "THIS IS TAKING YOU TO THE TOP!!" Yeah, its that dramatic! But he has inspired me and kept me going, all these years as a musician. Having him as my #1 supporter has been a blessing, because he has been pushing me my whole life. Hearing him say- "you make me proud" means the world to me. I may not be the best artist in the world, but to my father, I am the best in his eyes.

Dad & I

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