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It's the most wonderful time of the year! This is a time of year where everyone (seemingly) is kind, joyous, and peaceful. From the sound of Christmas Music, to a fire crackling in the fire place, flickering candles, and radiant Christmas lights; the Christmas season brings joy and peace to an otherwise bitterly cold portion of the year.

The best gift I've ever received was a Super Nintendo. I had no gaming system, and felt left out as all my friends had game system. The funny thing about that gaming system, which was a gift from my aunt and uncle, is I JUST found out last year that my cousin opened and played the whole Nintendo and wrapped it back in the box like nothing happened.

I would like to challenge us all though-- do something nice for someone who may not have a lot of family. Maybe buy a toy for that kid from your church with a single parent, go visit someone who has been sick or take a plate of food to the home of someone who recently lost a close friend or family member. These random acts of kindness will not only give them (even if temporary) relief from difficult times, but also make you, the giver, feel good about what you've done.


Oh Lastly-- I wanted to invite everyone in the Ohio area to my Christmas Concert! The title may shock you- A Churchy Christmas... What better way to celebrate the savior than to give God praise for sending Jesus to earth to ultimately die for our sins!? Won't you be my special guest!?!

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